Have something to say, but you're a little too shy to say it? Or do you have something that needs to be repeated constantly to ensure viewers get the point? Perhaps you just want something that's guaranteed to get attention? If so, our scrolling programmable message products are an ideal way to broadcast your message. Each can be programmed with multiple user selected messages. Message text of your choice can be easily programmed using the onboard programming buttons.


Ultimate Name Badge:

The Ultimate Programmable Name Badge is the perfect way to put your name, company name, special greeting, school team name or any message in lights! The Ultimate Programmable Name Badge is now updated with even more great features and easier attachment to clothing.

Features Include:

  • 8 Messages of up to 256 Characters Each
  • 6 different scrolling modes: Right to left, flash then right to left, bottom to top, top to bottom, flash mode without movement and freeze mode without movement
  • 8 Scrolling Speeds and Brightness Settings
  • 4 Character Groups: Upper Case, Lower case, Numeric and Symbols
  • Requires NO computer to program
  • Attaches easily and quickly to clothing with a removable magnetic strip
  • Uses One (1) CR2032 Lithium Button Cell Battery (included and installed plus 1 spare)
  • Measures 2.88" x 1.25" x .31"

Ultimate Led Name Badge only $17.99 each!

1 - Led Name Badge Red
3 - Led Name Badges Red
6 - Led Name Badges Red

Red, Blue, Green, White or Yellow LED Point of Sale Scrolling USB Name Badge

  • 20 Text messages, which totals 2400 English characters, and you can program 120 English characters for each message.
  • 10 Special animation icons e.g star, heart shape, smile, round shape, phone...etc.
  • 7 Manual buttons on the back of badge, you can quickly program a message.
  • Program English fonts with wide-bodied and normal ones, and you can spread to 4 kinds of fonts.
  • You can see 5 characters showing in screen when the messages scrolling.
  • 5 Different scrolling speeds.
  • 2 Different brightness levels (50% & 100%).
  • Cursor flashing, full screen programing.
  • Power supplied by 1pc CR2032(3V) button battery.
  • Optional USB & CD software available to make programing easier and convenient. (Available for additional charge and not required to use name badge)
  • Magnet on the back so attaches easily without damaging clothes.
  • Package includes: 1 LED name badge and 2 CR2032 button battery.
  • Use for: Retailing, conferences, exhibition/shows, restaurants, hotels, bar, nightclubs, etc.
  • Measures 3 1/8" x 1 3/8"

White and Yellow LED Badges Available - $16.99 Each

Red LED Badge
Blue LED Badge
Green LED Badge
Optional USB Cable
Not Required For Progamming

Optional Windows 8/10 Cable & Software

Not Required For Progamming

6 Spare Batteries - $4.00
12 Spare Batteries - $7.00

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