Programmable LED Necklace


  • Brand New Dog Tag Pendant with Digital RED LED message scroll
  • Silver Plated
  • Pendant can store 118 characters
  • Chain Length .. 30 inches
  • Includes 2 Batteries - only uses 1
  • LED Color Super Bright Red
  • Great for standing out in Crowds ! Super Trendy
  • Uses 3 buttons on the back of the Pendant to change letters, numbers and symbols
  • Adjust Speed and Brightness
  • Easy to access the battery and buttons
  • No Computer Needed
  • Includes: 1 Silver Plated Dog Tag Pendant, 2 Batteries and Operating Instructions

    Retails for $29-69 in stores!

    Great for advertising! Use your company name, favorite team, message to the world, make fun of your friends, anything!

    We guarantee quality of this product.

Only $19.95 Each

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